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  1. Wow! Another outstanding pen ~ Thank you. It reminds of a personal poem I wrote in the early hours this morning~

    Fragments of Resilience: Embracing the Present

    In the depths of the night, my mind seeks reprieve,
    Sometimes it shuts down, finding solace to receive.
    Yet at times, it roars loud, a boisterous crowd,
    Murmurs relentless, like thunderstorm clouds.

    A shroud of confusion envelops my being,
    Uncertain how to awaken or still this restless scene.
    Within this swirling dance, I find terror’s embrace,
    And within a trance, enchantment finds its place.

    Schizophrenia, a haunting malady they say,
    Over time, cognitive decline may display.
    At 46, thrice I’ve lost my way,
    Yet each time, a semblance of self did relay.

    Fear lingers, a specter that shadows my mind,
    Will it return, this loss, never again to find?
    Thus, I embrace what remains, what’s now,
    Grateful for the fragments, my spirit will avow.

    What lies beneath the surface, I long to unveil,
    To see the state of my brain, pint-sized and frail.
    Shredded, in shambles, perhaps it may seem,
    But within those fragments, resilience does gleam.

    Through these rhymes, I navigate the maze,
    Delving into emotions, their intricate displays.
    Each word unravels complexities, piece by piece,
    A cathartic journey, a sense of release.

    Themes of uncertainty, resilience, and loss,
    Intertwined with fear, hope, and the essence of gloss.
    Nuanced emotions woven into this verse,
    Capturing the shades of a soul’s universe.

    1. Oh Heather! You did indeed capture “the shades of a soul’s universe”. So moving and profound. What a hero’s journey you are on my friend. It takes tremendous courage. In other cultures, in other times, those of us with mental illness were considered sacred prophets who were in close contact with the divine and revered by others. Your pen is your light and your sword to hold back the darkness. Thank you for sharing this. ❤️❤️

      1. Thank you so much for your heartfelt and exquisite words, dear friend. Your appreciation means the world to me, and it touches me deeply to know that my humble words have had such a profound impact on you. I’m truly grateful for your recognition of the bravery that goes into this journey I’m undertaking, and your encouragement fills me with a renewed sense of validation. It’s fascinating to consider the perspective you shared about how other cultures and societies revered individuals with mental illness as sacred prophets. This just goes to show how perception can change over time and reminds us of the importance of evolving societal norms. I’m truly grateful for your kind words, and I’m honored to be seen as a guiding light in the midst of darkness. Thank you for opening up and allowing me to be a part of your journey. And allowing me feel I’m not alone in mental – illness -realm, rather with one I greatly admire 🪑💖🪑. May your own path be illuminated by the brilliance of your own words and the comfort of human (or my preference, our creatures & the divine🤭) connection. 🪻🧡🪻

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