On The Porch

in the peacefulness
it is possible
to dream as big as the sky

Trio Of Pairs

sunshine clapboards and goldenrod
pink hibiscus and joe pye weed
shingled roofs with pine needles and clean

Come In

at the front door
flowers will
greet your feet

The Garden Dreamt An Ocean

of red octopi
floating in the rosebush

The Butterfly’s Season

’round the blossoms
courting beauty

A Catchy Tune

summer serenades with colors
one can’t help
but sing along

A Blush Before Blooming

shy buds
gathering the confidence
to bloom

Holy Is Our Green Space

the garden wears a halo
her given name ~

Wander The Garden

the spirit restores
finding the space of place
along gracious paths

Exuberant Vulnerability

holding both
the fragility and tenacity
of life

Plight Of The Underappreciated

don’t forget me
the daylily implores
leaning into the spotlight

Green Mountain Garden

an acre tamed
the blooms are timed
beside the mountains so sublime

Call To Worship

the garden grows
a temple complete
with spires of lavender light