Second Bloom

this time
raindrops bloom
into shimmering flowers

Portrait Of The Iris

a stately classic
who often surprises
with her sly insouciance


racing through the garden
carried by the wind
columbine’s wild flames

Flock Of Trillium

in they flew
on angel wings
or so it seems

Sweet Rise

early morning
in the bloom
innocence’ caress

Recluse in ClapBoard

shy yellow house
her sun blinded window eyes
squinting through the blooms

It Was Said In Blossoms

three paragraphs
in blue and pink and white
is how spring told her story

An Echo Of Yellow

blossoms calling
back and forth
across the garden bed

The Bloom’s Muse

a glory of tulips
the crabapple’s inspiration
to burst into bloom

The One With Many Names

sand flower, windflower, prairie smoke
heralding spring and symbolic of old age
she’s of everything


the four pawed palm reader
daffodils soon to bloom

The Steel Heron Presides

ah April
with her sunshine and snow
everything waiting to see which way it goes

The Shadow Lace Of Bare Trees

sunshine rests
on the dormant garden’s