Magnolia Clouds

pure as a new spring day
the scented breeze
and petal’s shadow play

Flowers From A Friend

I submerge into
the sweetness and solace
of scent and colors

Adieu Blue

your intensity
more precious
for its passing

Petal Flake Snowball

white hydrangea
the snow
before the snow


not to be outdone
by turning maples
the stoplight dahlia

Circle Of Life

every ending
ushers in
the next beginning


being both
demure and extravagant
she beguiles

A Complexity Of Symmetry

circle upon circle
the center
echos the edges

Pink Moon

made of cotton candy
glowing all the day
sweet bella luna

Exceeding Expectations

deemed ordinary
delivering a spectacle
oh the muchness of marigolds

Just After The Sun Rose

a fairy
flew by
trailing magic

Surely Shirley The Poppy

all ruffles and fringe
purple and orange

The Curvature Of Color

shifted and changed
as they traversed the iris’s curves