Through The Darkness

the world awaited us
growing and blooming
summoning us back home


racing through the garden
carried by the wind
columbine’s wild flames

Sweet Rise

early morning
in the bloom
innocence’ caress

Recluse in ClapBoard

shy yellow house
her sun blinded window eyes
squinting through the blooms

An Echo Of Yellow

blossoms calling
back and forth
across the garden bed

Spring Tracery

the grand design
each leaf and petal
in it’s perfect place

Abundance Inspired Appetite

a mass of blooming branches
my hungry eye
wants to consume it all

The Bloom’s Muse

a glory of tulips
the crabapple’s inspiration
to burst into bloom


the four pawed palm reader
daffodils soon to bloom


the daring of the early bloomer
tiny yellow trumpets
hail the sun

Late Bloom

dahlia’s delicacy
in counterpoint
to fall’s exuberance

Petal Flake Snowball

white hydrangea
the snow
before the snow

While Monarchs Have Departed The Butterfly Bush Blooms On

the nourishment
of beauty
soul food