Through The Darkness

the world awaited us
growing and blooming
summoning us back home

Second Bloom

this time
raindrops bloom
into shimmering flowers

Summer Took Me By The Hand

and stretched before me
verdant, tender, true
as the great green meadow

Portrait Of The Iris

a stately classic
who often surprises
with her sly insouciance

Considering The Placement

thoughtfulness is required
in locating
the perfect spot


racing through the garden
carried by the wind
columbine’s wild flames

On The Bulkhead Door

disintegrated blossoms
rain and time
etch the cosmos

Flock Of Trillium

in they flew
on angel wings
or so it seems

Green Goblets

waiting to be filled
with the drink of rain
before fully unfurling

Summer Comes

a window is opened in heaven
in summer waltzes
scattering shades of blue

Sweet Rise

early morning
in the bloom
innocence’ caress

In Absence Presence

away and yet
with everything
a link in divinity’s chain

The Size Of Time

the herd
dwarfed by trees
nature’s hierarchy of scale

Recluse in ClapBoard

shy yellow house
her sun blinded window eyes
squinting through the blooms