Years into this process and practice of creating Leaf & Twig I stumbled upon the term “Ekphrastic poetry” which is the verbal representation of visual representation. It has a history that reaches back to Homer’s description of the shield of Achilles in the “Iliad”. Somehow this ancient art form found me in the quiet of the woods and my room with a view. This combining of image and word is meta-art. A concept mostly tossed around in haughty art circles that simply means art that is self referential. And in that there is transference and transcendence – the image changes how the words are heard, the words change how the image is seen. I use poetic structure as the thing to lean against and leap from. I believe that triads and tight forms hold power. I do not hold to any rigidity of syllable count. But the sounds must sing. My goal is to combine words and an image so they harmonize and resonate; creating ever widening ripples of meaning.

I studied photography, but it is has been the daily practice of being present to the process without demand or expectation of a specific outcome that has opened the doors of inspiration. I take multiple images of a particular subject/setting and depending on my abilities that day I either chase or dance with the light. I am looking for a feeling and they are revealed in the quality of light. My photographs are never staged. Their special magic is that they are found. This discovery and abundance is part of the experience I want to share with the viewer. Spirit, rather than people, inhabit my work. I seek that golden proportion of space and light that provides room for spirit and breath. I strive to balance images and words and expand their possibilities by encouraging multiple entry points and perspectives.

Our loud world moves faster and faster, making more and more simultaneous demands on our attention. I create quiet spaces, in words and image, that demonstrate the availability and accessibility of beauty and serenity in nature. My pieces are invitations for viewers to experience the renewal and nourishment of slowing down, being still and receiving all that is before us. For me art making is a form of prayer, an offering and expression of gratitude. What is inspiration but the touch of the divine? Wabi-sabi is the Japanese art of finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in nature, of accepting the natural cycle of growth, decay and death. It is simple, slow and uncluttered and it reveres authenticity above all. It is my guiding principal in creating.

Welcome. Please take a leisurely wander through the days and changing seasons of the years. I hope you enjoy your visit and that it replenishes you. Click on the follow button to have Leaf and Twig delivered to your email-box each day.