It’s a moment of peace and beauty delivered to your e-box every day.
It’s a life raft, of photos and poems, that helps keep us afloat.
It’s a little bit of wonderment to start your day with.
It’s a practice of gratitude just by reading it.


Each day you receive
a new scene of the natural world
accompanied by a micro poem


Simply lovely. You have a way….Rumi meets Basho.  
Katherine W.

I am amazed at how you can take the ordinary things of this world, the things I see every day, and in one image and a few perfect words reveal them as magical. Beautiful. Thank you for helping us remember to see these things.  
Bev T.

Your site always gives me joy and makes me pause.
Ken S.

Your art reminds us that one doesn’t have to travel the world to find wonders. Beauty is present everywhere, everyday…we just have to take (make) time to notice! A great beginning to my day, as always. Thank you.
James S.

Give yourself the gift of
a beautiful, calming, daily encounter.
It’s an antidote to life’s unpredictable rough edges.

Learn how Leaf and Twig saved a life.

Your photos and prose are like little delicious sweets for the soul.
Sonja B.

Like little moments of zen that make me stop and relax for at least a bit. Quentin D.

Your poems always take me to a quiet, peaceful place of bliss.
Sakura F.

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