Through The Darkness

the world awaited us
growing and blooming
summoning us back home

Flock Of Trillium

in they flew
on angel wings
or so it seems

Green Goblets

waiting to be filled
with the drink of rain
before fully unfurling

Magnolia Clouds

pure as a new spring day
the scented breeze
and petal’s shadow play

Winter In The Wings

sunlight makes a show
of dancing
across the marsh

The Center Holds

shadows play
on the river of leaves
stillness inside movement

You Can (But You Can’t) Fence Me In

the dandelions corralled
but their wishes
cannot be contained

A Place In The Sun

and surrounded
by a warm embrace


in the right light
from even the worn and humble
beauty emanates


sunlight sparkles on water
snowflakes descend to greet it
all kinds and conditions of magic

Red Canoes Huddle In The Protection Of The Pines

as cold gathers
at the marsh’s edge
and starts to fill the sky

Milkweed Snow

the snow
before the snow
beginnings in endings


finally seen
the exit
from darkness

In Sunlight Milkweed Seed Readies For Flight

from order
evolves the chaos
of creation