Seen With A Sigh Of Awe

petals and wings
are ephemeral things
pulling on our heart strings

Microscopic Astronauts

the ground grew
a space station ready
to launch spores into flight


the gentle landscape
rising and falling
showing us how


paints with a soft brush
the sunny union
of the zinnia and the butterfly

Be Where Your Feet Are

the here
of now
contains everything

The Garden Dreamt An Ocean

of red octopi
floating in the rosebush

A Catchy Tune

summer serenades with colors
one can’t help
but sing along

High Summer

the sun at her zenith
the shade deepens
all things ever balancing

A Blush Before Blooming

shy buds
gathering the confidence
to bloom

The Reeds Swear Sovereignty

late summer
wears a crown of wood
nobility of trees

Holy Is Our Green Space

the garden wears a halo
her given name ~