Pilgrimage To The Squirrel Bench

worship as
an acorn eaten
a devotion left


a bit of a strumpet
flaunting her trumpet
enticing hummingbirds and bees

The Umbrella’s Underneath

by a fairy
after the down pour

On The Porch

in the peacefulness
it is possible
to dream as big as the sky

Following Instructions

mother said
stay off the road
hide if trouble comes

Seen With A Sigh Of Awe

petals and wings
are ephemeral things
pulling on our heart strings

Trio Of Pairs

sunshine clapboards and goldenrod
pink hibiscus and joe pye weed
shingled roofs with pine needles and clean

Microscopic Astronauts

the ground grew
a space station ready
to launch spores into flight


the gentle landscape
rising and falling
showing us how


paints with a soft brush
the sunny union
of the zinnia and the butterfly

Come In

at the front door
flowers will
greet your feet

Be Where Your Feet Are

the here
of now
contains everything

The Garden Dreamt An Ocean

of red octopi
floating in the rosebush

The Butterfly’s Season

’round the blossoms
courting beauty