9 Replies to “Contemplation And The Bench”

      1. It’s a great spot. You have created a number of them, I think. As health declines for Marian and me, we have much to sit and think about these days. But with our sons both in Brooklyn, one married and the other running his own business, we have a good family feeling. Hope you are well and actively engaged in the world of the Upper Valley! We miss NH, but family and friends here compensate.

      2. Thanks Peter. It is so good to have family nearby. I am near my folks and it is a blessing for all of us. Some health issues have plagued me this year – broken bones and worn out joints. So there has been more time to sit than I usually like. But to sit inside all of this glorious nature makes it better. When I’m sitting and thinking about nothing – that’s when God sneaks in most often. Take good care of yourself and each other. Very Best, Catherine

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