The Garden’s Shape Emerges

spring begins
with a kaleidoscope
of greens

In Sync With The Landscape

the garden bed
and puppy

Summer Blooms Summon Fall

the garden’s call of color
an invitation
to the leaves to turn

Contemplation And The Bench

the empty bench
holding space
for all of my thoughts

Frog On The Toadstool

I’ll do
what I want
is his only thought

The Garden At Noon

from the shade
I take a long drink
of her colors

For The Bees

the garden bed
a candy store
offering lavendar lollipops

Everything Rises

as morning sidles
to the edge of the garden
the gingko bows to the day

A Subtle Flourish

last year’s leaves
a complexity of delight

Tiger Lily

big cat
of the flower bed
wearing leopard spots

Classical Bloom

of spring
the white iris

Those Girls

chorus line of tulips
all high kicks
and red lipstick


sleepy heads
dewy eyed bulbs
rise from the garden bed


who knew?
chipmunks are
the early birds

Snowdrops In Shadow

from the darkness
hope’s spring eternal