Shelter From The Blistering Sun

our beloved tree
a great green umbrella
offering shade and sanctuary

The Steel Heron Presides

ah April
with her sunshine and snow
everything waiting to see which way it goes

The Shadow Lace Of Bare Trees

sunshine rests
on the dormant garden’s

Our Spot

I’ll meet you there
when the stars come out
and we’ll name them until dawn

They Are Dancing

from the bench
we watch
firefly flowers

Keeping Company

the garden shed
and branch bench
share the wait for spring

Contemplation And The Bench

the empty bench
holding space
for all of my thoughts

The Garden Bench

in morning shade
a summer day unfold

Awaiting Her Majesty

winter bejeweled bench
the snow queen’s
throne prepared

Where The Colors Lead

rainbow’s end
gold adorned
the leaves


head on
mother nature’s shoulder
respite from the world

Garden Bench

in the company
of dahlias
beauty rests

Buried Bench

blue morning
snow up to the seat
spring stirs beneath

Secret Garden

tucked away
magic white bench
surveys the private paradise


the bench alone
in cold contemplation
deliberation of spring