Shelter From The Blistering Sun

our beloved tree
a great green umbrella
offering shade and sanctuary

Considering The Placement

thoughtfulness is required
in locating
the perfect spot

The Bloom’s Muse

a glory of tulips
the crabapple’s inspiration
to burst into bloom

We Shared A Look

and now I know
the words
to your song

Magnolia Clouds

pure as a new spring day
the scented breeze
and petal’s shadow play

Red Maple Flowers

red pompoms
raised high in the deep blue sky
cheering on spring

The Shadow Lace Of Bare Trees

sunshine rests
on the dormant garden’s

Peace Outside The Circle

without containment
the symbol’s power

In The Time Of Gloaming

beneath the hues
of yellow, pink, lavender, blue
a tree dreams of green