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  1. I had to look carefully for the other “part of the whole.” Sadly, it’s often the opposite problem of vision: can’t see the beautiful forest for the structures I make to live comfortably within it.

  2. I wish I could be back in the tiny town I didn’t appreciate as I should. I didn’t know how to maintain solitude within such a close community. I could do it now, and I’d rejoice in it.

    1. I live in a tiny town, and its certainly not a community, most small towns are riddled with back stabbing, and gossip is the favourite ‘past time’, in fact, there is a tiny restaurant with a board that sits in the front (during the summer) that has all the latest gossip posted on it!, I am not joking).
      The author of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle, wrote that there is more evil that is hidden in small towns than in cities.

      I’ve lived in both cities and small towns, and I’ve travelled extensivly, my experience is that people are generally the same everywhere, involved in petty, personal feuds, and petty grievances.

      I see his poem and photo as representing the home being a part of the community of nature, but that’s just my take.

      My comment was in response to your wishing that you lived in a small town.

      1. Well, I also have travelled extensively, lived in other countries, lived in both our greatest cities and small towns, and my experience is that people are generally the same everywhere: occasionally petty or nasty, but more often generous, receptive, funny, complex, and interesting. To each his or her own, I suppose.

      2. This is true, it depends on how long one lives in the small town or city, and it also depends if one is political.

        If people were to go beyond the petty, there would be real change on planet earth, and thus, there would be a global community, in small towns, cities, everywhere. …but looking around, I don’t see much peace amongst people.

  3. Where would I start? I love all your work and I see many more of them than I respond to. I have a new series Damsels in Distress. Come visit you just might like it. jlheman1945

  4. Thank you very much for your Likes on both “What is eating what” and “Leadership” on my blog dispenza.wordpress.com and I would once more like to reciprocate: I very much appreciate this artwork “Being A Part”. Best, Edoardo

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