This Is The Wall

that doesn’t separate us
but rather
it’s presence connects us

A Place For Daydreaming

linger on
waterfall bridge
where time is suspended

The Horizon Held Our Sighs

we climbed
to see anew
our peaceful valley

Morning With Cows

space and place
for each one
to low and graze

Our Spot

I’ll meet you there
when the stars come out
and we’ll name them until dawn

Between And Beside

amidst the prickly places
filaments of tenderness
keep calling for touch

A Place In The Sun

and surrounded
by a warm embrace

In Community We Nestle Together

like kernels on the cob
our places distinguished
by proximity to each other

Everything At Once

each element
finds the perfect place
next to all the rest

Wild Flowers With Fence

the spot where
spirit meets
with daily life

Morning Joy

wings wide
the day embraced
one with everything


trees tell
tales of freedom
outside the garden fence

Where the heart is

my mountain home
dwarfed by the immense blue sky
everything is in its place