Summer Took Me By The Hand

and stretched before me
verdant, tender, true
as the great green meadow

The Chairs’ View

sit awhile
and watch spring
wander over

Window Panes In The Woods

trunks and branches
from the view
of outside outside

Not Moved

in the tumult
mountains remind  me
the endurance of truth

The Horizon Held Our Sighs

we climbed
to see anew
our peaceful valley

The Yard In Autumn

leaves and light
on the lawn

Quickly The Mood Of Each Moment Shifts

light and shadow
chase each other
across the landscape

The River In September

the deepening
of green and blue
expands the view

View Of The Gate That Does Not Open

look past and beyond
the overgrown and closed
and see all that is


in stone
and petaled forms
a nobility of beauty

Vicarious Warmth

far off
in the distance
four fields bathe in the sun

Storm Window

mountains of snow
gather on each pane
showing us this storm’s terrain

Borrowed View

flowering frame
a passageway
into the garden’s delights

The Garden Bench

in morning shade
a summer day unfold