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  1. Just wonderful. “Bloom where you are planted” can be fine advice, but “Get out there and bloom wherever you happen to land” is pretty good advice, too!

  2. The wildflowers’ are indeed teachers, in fact, they are showing signs of deep distress in the entire province where I live, due to the severe drought conditions and hundreds of forest fires.
    Foliage is wilting, turning brown and other fall like colours, because like humans, they are under deep duress from the environmental degradation caused by human behaviour.

    It’s a difficult time to write poetry about nature, I find, due to the fact that nature is literally on fire, flooding, having unprecedented amounts of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, etc., so only addressing the glory and awe of nature dos not do her justice, as far as I can see, of course this is my opinion only, because she needs our awareness of her suffering to be seen, not only her beauty.

    Even so, will all that said, I do agree: bloom with abandon …because one never knows when we, and/or the earth will bloom no more, it is our fate to die, ashes to ashes and dust to dust, however, humans’ had/have no right to destroy the environment.

  3. Oh magnificent! I can write many poetries on this. Look at the purple color, look at the way it emerges from white and green colors. 🙂

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