there’s Joe-Pye weed
in the window

At Once Twice Seen

water lily’s
pierces the pond

Second Bloom

this time
raindrops bloom
into shimmering flowers

Recluse in ClapBoard

shy yellow house
her sun blinded window eyes
squinting through the blooms

It Was Said In Blossoms

three paragraphs
in blue and pink and white
is how spring told her story

Spring Tracery

the grand design
each leaf and petal
in it’s perfect place

Blue Only At The Edges

of the blue diamond
a new perfection

Goddess Of The Moon

you offer your beauty
to the whole world

They Appeared From Seemingly Nowhere

a cohort
of bloodroot
laughing in the sun

Flowers From My Beloved

the sky
into night

Still Life

the river
pauses to admire
the bloom

Nature’s Time

flowering sundial
it’s gnomon
the coulds