10 Replies to “Awaiting Her Majesty”

    1. Oh! Thank you for your sharp eyes Eliza – THRONE!
      Yes, we’ve had heaps of snow. It’s been so beautiful and a delight to see each morning what the new accumulation has created.

  1. A storied setting. I’m going to share this with my 8 yr.old granddaughter when she comes with her family for the holidays. I think might like to fill in the details. They live in Los Angeles. Snow is a fantasy for them. And quite undependable (because irregular) for us in Eastern Missouri.

    1. Oh marvelous! Perhaps you’ll share her story with me? I grew up in Southern California and after nearly 30 years on the East coast I still always delight to the magic that is snow. The only snow I saw as a child was fake snow on the roof of a restaurant with a sign that read “Steaks, Shakes, Pancakes” near DisneyLand.

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