An Icon In The Woods

big shouldered
a granite monument
to strength and endurance

Morning Reveals

of a moonlight stroll
hoof prints amidst sparkle

February Narcissus

winter gazed
upon her own reflection
in the river

Three Of Them

despite cold
and lack of mud
here is happiness

Peace Outside The Circle

without containment
the symbol’s power

That Branch Of Mathematics

winter is
a mathematician
of sacred geometry

Chasing Blue Skies

up ahead
on the trail
our scouts

We Don’t Need Any Mittens

but yes it is
cold enough
for coats

Never Stopping

the sky
crosses the boundary
of forever

Blending In

wearing the colors
of your surrounds
your spirit flashes through

Cold Curves

bubbles and froth
in a static state
softness solidified

The Song Of Silence

deep in the woods
on the frozen vernal pond
the music played on

Embracing Mystery

the morning
in mystical cold