Fall Preparations

room in the cheeks
room in the stash house
work to be done

Beneath The Wise Gaze Of The Pines By The Barn

during shorter days
amidst longer shadows
we ready for winter

Sugar Wood

stacked last July
in hopes and preparation
for this year’s syrup making

Awaiting Her Majesty

winter bejeweled bench
the snow queen’s
throne prepared

The landscape Readies

orange leaf bunting
face making squash and gourds
magic and mischief afoot

Before the Unfurling

petals held
tight in a fist
gathering the courage to open


the field prepared
weather on the move
commencement of the growing season


grasses softly sing
slumber’s sweet lullaby
of approaching dormant days

The Caress of Blossom

closed buds pucker
petals preparing for
their showering of kisses