12 Replies to “The Privileged”

  1. Yes! Moreover, we usually do so for all the world, often sunken by demanding desperate dramatics from inside our rich western warm havens… but now that bad world is reaching us …
    Anyway: thank you as usual for both words and photo!

  2. During this week, there were times I couldn’t get warm even in the house. Believe me, I thought about the plight of those without a house, as well as the pure pleasure of watching the world ice up while drinking tea.

  3. Peel some bark off a dead tree to discover winter haven for beetles! So many different protective homes out there. Will put some beetle photos i took 1/1/18 on my blog one of these days…

    1. I adore beetles. My grandfather was an entomologist and had a large beetle collection I would marvel at as a child. SO many colors! Like dinosaurs!

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