We Gather Near The Hearth As

tiny flakes
of a big snow
fall on our little house

Window Panes In The Woods

trunks and branches
from the view
of outside outside

After The Fall

each snowflake
makes acquaintance with
this new relationship of space

Winter’s Enigma

inside the flurry
a particular tranquility


a big snow
in December
beloved normalcy

Another New Snow

the white on white
of birch in snow
a calming quietude

The Weight Of Lightness

a heavy snow
with the lightest of flakes
thus descends a shroud of cold


I gave
my heart to nature
now I am never alone

Storm Window

mountains of snow
gather on each pane
showing us this storm’s terrain

To Thrive In All Circumstance

weather the storm
and make it
a flower