The Petunia Looking Back

deep inside
a piercing
green eye

Midnight Snack

dawn light reveals
the wandering path
of a nocturnal browse

Perfection Realized

to see her
cup the sunlight
in her perfect petals

Darkness Softened

the black and white
of night snow
in moonlight


hollow in the old tree
holding memories
of yesterdays

The Privileged

we watch
winter’s demanding dramatics
from inside our warm havens


the eaves
wear a tatting of ice
fastened by a shuttle of cold


joy’s gesture
expressive limbs
welcoming winter

Unseen Seen

it was revealed
the intricate web
connecting everything

Holding Up The Sky

snow sky
held high by
December morning’s tree

Becoming One Another

the icing pond
receiving rain
so many ways to be


beneath the bark
one birch’s dark night
held sacred by the grove