Unexpected Snow

trees still wearing
their autumn colors
put on a shawl of white

Watching Curves

the bridge
the rock wall
the landscape itself

Becoming One

the temperature rises
snow becomes fog
the universe dissolves into itself


sunlight sparkles on water
snowflakes descend to greet it
all kinds and conditions of magic

The Haven Of Barns

come winter
they will encompass
my world


winter’s long march
positions held for spring

Storm Upon Snow

always something different
in the same view
vision’s infinity

Bright and Cheering

oh the crabapple
with its ready embrace
of color


in this fleeting moment
the mountain’s divinity
made itself known

Tender Dawn

pink morning sky
the rising mist
beauty persists


the pines
asked no questions
all was answered in being

The Privileged

we watch
winter’s demanding dramatics
from inside our warm havens


all worldly
passions painted
by the sky


the field prepared
weather on the move
commencement of the growing season

Land of Dreams

misty mountain
recurring dream
of the sleeping field