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  1. Something is amiss with this site – I keep getting a full-screen that says “This domain is parked on Automattic” if I click on the usual links of post title or Comments or Like. I got to the post by clicking on the image and left a response … but wondering if you will see it?

    Note: what I am able to view is not labeled with the title below – instead it says


    December 3, 2017 § 1 Comment From there I clicked on CONTACT and sent you a message … wondering if you see that either? So trying via this email as well. Would hate to lose my daily leaf and twig read! Jazz sjaeschke@austin.rr.comhttp://www.stepsandpauses.wordpress.com

  2. When I clicked on the title or your name in the email, I got a message that said, “This site is parked by Automattic.” I got in by clicking on some link in the bottom of the email. You might want to check it out. 🙂

    I’m glad I got in. There certainly is a special kind of sky that foretells snow, and you’ve captured it beautifully.

    1. Hi, so glad you got in too! Some maintenance created this glitch. You may need to clear your browser to completely solve this problem.
      Depending on the browser you ruse – safari, firefox, google in that browser’s menu – usually under ‘file” there will be something that says “cache” or “history”. Select “clear” or “empty” And then you will be back at Leafandtwig.wordpress.com

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