Technical Difficulties?

Dear Readers,

Some work behind the scenes at Leaf and Twig has lead to some technical difficulties. If you have been directed to a page that says something along the lines of “This site is parked at Automattic” you need to clear your browser. To do that in – what ever browser you use: Safari, google, firefox…, usually found under “file” is something that says “clear cache” or “empty history”. Click on that. When you have cleared/emptied your cache/history you will find that Leaf and Twig loads as usual. So sorry for any inconvenience. I hope you have found your way to this message and a solution to the problem.




9 Replies to “Technical Difficulties?”

  1. Hmmm … no luck loading today’s earlier post even after clearing cache completely. BUT this one loaded just fine even before clearing cache. (I’m using Google Chrome.)
    Will squawk again if future interruptions occur … meanwhile, thanks for teaching me how to clear a cache I’d thought was clearing on every reboot.

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