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  1. Ha! Whether you know the old camp song, or don’t, your verse is a clever play on it:

    “In a cabin in the woods,
    little man by the window stood;
    saw a rabbit hopping by,
    knocking at his door.”

    It goes on, with hand gestures and multiple verses. What a blast from the far, far past, thanks to your photo and words. I think I was eight years old when I learned that song.

  2. I’m thinking about “stood” (past tense). It could say that, even though there’s snow, the worst is over. Or it could be that the cabin is part of history now. Or that the walls and the little house were sort of companions, helping each other (I. E. “stood” – – and then back to the title–“together”) make it through the years, or just through another winter. Or that the word itself, especially its sound, conveys a feeling of strength as well as a reminder that humans buimt these two structures, and are now themselves part of the landscape, not like ghosts so much as spirit-presences. (Sorry for carrying on. I do like both image and poem–very much.)

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