At One Eighty Three

if tranquility
had an entrance
it would be this

On The Porch

in the peacefulness
it is possible
to dream as big as the sky

Trio Of Pairs

sunshine clapboards and goldenrod
pink hibiscus and joe pye weed
shingled roofs with pine needles and clean


the gentle landscape
rising and falling
showing us how

On The Farm

in August
the sky is in a hurry
while the corn takes it’s sweet time

Water’s Geometry

a point drops
and races into a line
to become a circle

They Remember Youth

the old rose
and the old barn
share an elegance of aging

Recluse in ClapBoard

shy yellow house
her sun blinded window eyes
squinting through the blooms

A Reunion Of Experience

the old barn
amongst new leaves
each teaching the other