Distant Neighbors

on the other side
still we need
each other

We Gather Near The Hearth As

tiny flakes
of a big snow
fall on our little house

Yellow House With Chrysanthemums

presided throughout
house and garden

At The Sunflower House

every size and kind
of sunflower
under the sun

Field Colleague

we share a moment
then take off
to our work

Savoring The Sunshine

summer has not yet
opened the gate
to fall

Flower Farm

bees and butterflies
work the fields
beauty is the harvest

Morning At The Farm

first light caresses
the corn, flowers and barn
blessings of the new day

How The House Homesteads

the garden feeding us
laundry on the line
so many kinds of shelter

Storm Window

mountains of snow
gather on each pane
showing us this storm’s terrain

Keeping Company

the garden shed
and branch bench
share the wait for spring

Three Birch By The Barn Door

these friends
experience, strength and hope
my life’s companions

Like A Tattered Flag

the barn endured
despite the wear

Hearing The Unsaid

the silence
of cold and snow
told us what we needed to know

They Dwell Together

length of birch
layers of brick
swirling of snow