What Wandering Reveals

the worn path
a line of desire
made known

Through The Darkness

the world awaited us
growing and blooming
summoning us back home

Sleep Over

April snow spent the night
the running brook hopes
to escort her back home

The Quiet Constance Of A Cairn

the sun
is always shining
on my memories of you

A Better Way To See

Treat yourself to a moment of calm and beauty waiting for you each day in your inbox rather than scrolling through your WordPress Reader.
It’s easy to receive the daily post of Leaf & Twig as an email.
Go to your site page.
Click on the word READER above the left hand menu.
Below the search box on the right hand side click on MANAGE in the red/pink box
Scroll past two side by side boxes of “recommended sites”
You will see a list of all the sites you follow.
Across from # FOLLLOWED SITES is a search box on the right hand side.
Type in leafandtwig (all one word)
click on SETTINGS
select EMAIL

Then, with just one click on an email you could enjoy a…

Walk In The Woods

through sunshine and snow
the hopscotch
of winter into spring

If you already receive Leaf & Twig in an email
there is gloriously nothing to do!

Listening For The March Wind

standing with
a stand of trees
sensing the sap rise

Distant Neighbors

on the other side
still we need
each other

An Icon In The Woods

big shouldered
a granite monument
to strength and endurance

This Is The Wall

that doesn’t separate us
but rather
it’s presence connects us