26 Replies to “Bromeliad’s Flourish”

  1. Oh! You have a Queen’s tears ! One of my favourite broms! I live in a subtropical area .and since I have lived in this climate I have learned to LOVE Bromeliads…. such interesting plants with their micro eco systems

    1. OH! Maureen thank you so much for sharing its name. I didn’t know!! A friend gave me an enormous one to split and they bloomed like crazy. I guess they like it sitting by the hot water heater!

      1. So happy I could name it for you! I recently went to a garden expo and was blown away: not only by the gorgeous flower bracts, but also by the extravagant prices charged for one pup.

  2. This green and pink is one of my favorite color combinations. I have a set of Tiffin wine glasses with pink bowls and green stems. They called it “watermelon glass.” I had no idea bromeliads could do this. The bloom is beautiful.

  3. “Queen’s Tears”: Well I don’t think she is crying, unless from embarrassment by having to stay awhile next to the water heater.

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