into flight
spirit casting shadow

29 thoughts on “Kasco”

  1. At first I thought Kasco might be a Japanese woodblock artist. Not so much — but if they helped give rise to this, they’re to be celebrated. It’s perfect in every way — the very essence of heron.


  2. Glorious!! This really makes me think of a poem by Mary Oliver called Egrets. Quoting a part of it below:
    “….Even half asleep they had
    such faith in the world
    that had made them
    and tilting through the water,
    unruffled, sure,
    by the laws
    of their faith not logic,
    they opened their wings
    softly and stepped
    over every dark thing.”


  3. Hi, todays I like this one. Thanks very much for your like on “Friends (arriving?)”, “Landschaft” and for always following my art activities on dispenza.worspress.com. Have a lovely week. Edoardo Dispenza


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