Wander The Garden

the spirit restores
finding the space of place
along gracious paths

Blending In

wearing the colors
of your surrounds
your spirit flashes through

Shade Upon Shade Of Blue

with my eyes
I wade into the sky
to cleanse and refresh my spirit

Cathy’s Chrysanthemums

her spirit visits
each year bringing us
flowers to remember her with


autumn’s intensity
of color and light
renews my spirit


sighting you
brings delight
as deep as your color

Seen From Above

heaven’s clouds recognize
the tiny speck
as the church’s steeple

Two Came Together

summertime visit
from dear friends
long departed

No Longer A Stranger

in nature found
a reacquaintance
with self

Taking It In

sunning yourself
on the fencepost
spirit in light

Wild Flowers With Fence

the spot where
spirit meets
with daily life

No Need To Ask

no longer here
yet everywhere
you are not forgotten