Old Fashioned

considered square
these old time rectangles
are far more picturesque
than newfangled marshmallows

25 thoughts on “Old Fashioned”

  1. We must be part of the same generation (in agricultural terms!) – I too get a sudden rush of nostalgia when I see the rectangular bales, but I think that’s all it is – nostalgia. If the circular had been the original I’m sure we’d all be bemoaning the loss of its natural curves.


  2. How practices have changed in my life time: from hand stacked stooks, to rectangular bales (so easy to handle) to round bales needing machinery to locate them . Such satisfaction from tossing the (rectangular) bales from the trailer to the ground!!!

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  3. You are right. I use to load some (we called it throwing them) at my uncle’s farm when I was a teenager. They’re not light. Get you in shape, I’ll tell you that. Nice to see them again. “Some genius is always changing things.”. The new system is better, of course, but I still wish we had the old style.

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    1. True, true. Did you drink “switchel” the haymakers drink? Water, vinegar and honey or molasses. The original ‘Gatorade’. It rebalances electrolytes. I use it on hot summer days when I’m gardening.


  4. wow…that brings back memories…years ago my Mom and I raked up hay into windrows before the neighbor came with his machine to make our
    hay into neat little rectangles like these in your photo. I can still see, smell, taste, feel the hay dust as it engulfs me. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the memories πŸ™‚


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