At Once Twice Seen

water lily’s
pierces the pond

February Narcissus

winter gazed
upon her own reflection
in the river

Atop The Rock

while together
with everything

The River In September

the deepening
of green and blue
expands the view

Seen And Seen

that spot of light
the glint in the eye
of the universe

As the Day Slowly Rises

beneath the surface
the clarity
of dreams persist

Afternoon With Cows

we bask
in autumn light
as time floats by

Watching The Clouds Parade

this rightful place
at river’s edge
near summer’s end

At The Edge

to the purple

Serenity At The Oxbow

the river’s clarity
a love poem
to stillness

In That Space

between the leaves
and their reflection
resides consciousness


gliding through
the light and shadow
of life on life’s terms

How Many Sounds Can You Hear All At Once?

lavender echo
the marsh
whispers color