The Shadow Lace Of Bare Trees

sunshine rests
on the dormant garden’s

Winter In The Wings

sunlight makes a show
of dancing
across the marsh

Glinting In The Winter Sun

fresh powder
piles up
everything a-sparkle


everything intensified
as edges and differences
make themselves known

The Light, The Colors, The Change

all of autumn
in this leaf

Late Bloom

dahlia’s delicacy
in counterpoint
to fall’s exuberance

Quickly The Mood Of Each Moment Shifts

light and shadow
chase each other
across the landscape

Autumn In The Meadow

the light
more precious
as darkness nears

While Monarchs Have Departed The Butterfly Bush Blooms On

the nourishment
of beauty
soul food

Now The Light Slants Towards September

shadows grow longer
the birdhouse stands empty
the quiet of fall approaches

Morning Meadow

night is banished
now is
light’s time to play

Simplicity As Palette

the hosta
is a minimalist
with a grand presentation of form

The Poet Sunshine

the flowers’ shadows
write their own poem
on the book’s pages