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  1. Dear Seedbud,

    I love your daily emails. Some, like this one, take my breath away.

    I often forward them to my brother and sister, with whom I exchange haiku, and sometimes for practicing the discipline I also convert your verse to that form in addition to forwarding your work unchanged. Today I sent them these remarks and conversion:

    I thought you’d enjoy this one — lovely, picture (I like the gentle effect of the white fish where I’d normally expect the more jarring color of a goldfish or an orange koi); .

    To “haikuize” (focussing on feeling/mood/impressions):

    In the still beneath,
    Rain is a gentle caress;
    Water’s soothing breath

    I hope you don’t mind this practice, in which I fully cite your site as my source by forwarding your entire email.

    1. Gary, Thank you for sharing with me what you send/sent your brother and sister today. I’m so pleased that my work sparks your creativity. I like your haiku-ized version and admire the practice of adhering to form. Best, Catherine

      1. Thank you, Catherine (Seedbed).

        You’re clearly an inspiration for many others as well, judging by the remarks even just for this one piece, and your remarks on what I’m doing are encouraging to this late-in-life poet/writer.


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