Some Of Everything

the stillness
and the movement
the decomposing and the growing

The Center Holds

shadows play
on the river of leaves
stillness inside movement

Mere Seconds

be still
to discover how quickly
things change

In Uncertainty

one kind of courage
consists of
quiet and stillness

Another New Snow

the white on white
of birch in snow
a calming quietude

The River Free

the river desires movement
and uses all its wiles
to dodge stillness

Largess Of Life Force

emanating energy
in stillness

Strength In Stillness

in the stillness
the enormity of now

Classic New England

standing still
at the estate’s boundary

Sound Seen

the thrum
of wings hovering
stillness in motion

One Breath At A Time

in the stillness
meditation on marshland

The Landscape’s Art

the window’s view
of painted pines

The Amplification of Being

deep silence
listening to
the shadows move

Zen Garden

a pattern
of breath with
stillness in between

Loon’s Nest

as she sits
creation is constructed of
stillness and patience


months of stillness
liberated by
the freeing sun


early morning sun
stillness after the storm
the dazzling woods