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  1. A wonderful, powerful image, fraught with symbolism. The heron is a strong guardian spirit of the Ancestors to the Abenaki; it is called Kasco (as in Maine’s Casco Bay).

  2. Fantastic photo.

    Your poem is food for thought: “there is no psychological time only chronological time.”

    In other words: there is only the now.

      1. on the left hand side of the koi – about middle of the frame – two tiny orange ones are swimming in the opposite direction… Oh I’m referring to the wrong photo! “below the surface” sorry!

  3. Wow that is a fantastic photo! I love Heron’s and someday want to get a photo of them myself! Have a splendid Thursday! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  4. Hi seedbud, thank you for liking a post over on my new blog (hakkanotogame), I came over to check out your blog and I really love the soft light and subject here, it has a dream like feel 🙂


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