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  1. We have kildeer that nest on the ground. I’ve never seen a nest, but I’ve been told they’ve been spotted even at the edge of parking lots or in the rough on golf courses. Keep those eyes open! (Us, not them. They know how to be attentive.)

  2. Oh this takes me back to my childhood! I found some baby lapwings in long grass and being young I wanted to protect them from predators. So, I sat for hours watching over them as no doubt their mother sat in the grass elsewhere watching me. I stayed until it was so dark that I got scared and sadly went home. There i got punished for being naughty and staying out late. It was much later that I realised that lapwings nest on the ground and I was doing more harm than good!

  3. Looks like a brown thrasher, perhaps? What perfect camouflage and, yes, the “look” says it all – extreme alertness, the fierceness of a mother, the fear of losing it all to the intruder…

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