Flock Of Trillium

in they flew
on angel wings
or so it seems

If Summer Could Go On Forever

sunflowers would
shine their cheerful light
through winter’s dark night

Savoring The Sunshine

summer has not yet
opened the gate
to fall

Another Gift Freely Given

a generous benefactor
the forest’s shade
on a hot summer day

The Princess Tree

voluminous pink
in every shade and hue
adorned her

To Be Chosen

flowers await
their moment
in the sun

Summer’s Best Friend

take shelter
in the sweet shade
of the dear old tree

The Garden At Noon

from the shade
I take a long drink
of her colors

Everything Rises

as morning sidles
to the edge of the garden
the gingko bows to the day

The Garden Bench

in morning shade
a summer day unfold


enter the mystery
of today’s
exquisite unknown

Moving Pictures

the day
unfurls itself
between the fence rails

Bright Spot

early and delicate
light rises
from the dark ground

Finding Purpose

seeking sun when young
making shade with age
the garden’s straw hat