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  1. Beautiful – and, I thought as viewing/reading, “Remembering to hold onto hope until you learn to trust again…” Thanks! 🙂

  2. …and after the parent bird, Nature’s natural conclusion…the gift of eggs. So stunning…and so clever. Thank you so much…can you keep us posted on the progress of these eggs? Feel have made a connection with them now…!

    1. The nest was in a friend’s garden – and she just updated me yesterday saying that the eggs are still there but that the mother has been absent quite a bit but there has been activity nearby with men installing solar panels. We are hopeful – and she is going to keep me posted and I will keep you posted!

      1. Oooooooh…now on tenderhooks, do hope the eggs are still ok and mum comes back to incubate…that was SUCH a special photo capture I reblogged it on my Blog…thank you! Mmmmmm what can I say about men installing solar panels…? Got to be done, I suppose, but Nature/ Man living side by side…so delicate and precarious…Awaiting posts with baited breath…?

  3. I found an almost perfect egg on my drive…
    someone had stolen ‘lunch’.
    I took what was left and washed it off…
    I’m going to see if the local children’s museum would like it.

  4. Beautiful. Your photos remind me how simple life is and how little notice I usually take of the nature about me. Thank you!

  5. Love the vulnerability the eggs convey because they’re just so small, yet the protective yellow-brown of the rushes encircles them and seems to cradle them.

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