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    1. Thanks! I envy you that black squirrel – he’s quite dashing. Your garden must be very special for the cardinals to come so often and in large numbers. For me cardinals hold a most special magic and place in my heart.

  1. Forty years ago I read “The Bears and I” by Robert Franklin Leslie, in which it happens that a family of robins visits his cabin each year while he relates a spine tingling memoir about bear cubs he adopts. I’ve read the book several more times, just to be there again, with that enduring family of author, bears and robins. He made me love them and remember them all forever. Just wanted to share something enduring (for me) in appreciation of your meaningful photo.

    1. Niaih – thank you so much for sharing this (and for all you rind and thoughtful words). Now “The Bears and I” is on my reading list!

  2. North American robins…so different to our robins with red bibs. Yours are lovely…terracotta bibs, and warming hopeful words. Thank you on a cold, dull,’ dreich’ day in Scotland!

      1. Thank you. The sun came out briefly, long enough for me to take a picture of Acer Deshojo bonsai on the decking…the Scots ken some bonnie wee words!

  3. So often dazzled by color and movements in my small garden, so distracted– your daily posts help me see. These birds, those trees. Such wonders.

  4. Man! Your Robins are much fluffier than our neck of the woods. Ours are more sleek year around. Your Robins must get more shrimp*, too. The breast are much more red than our.

    *shrimps are used in zoos to flamingos looking pink.

  5. I swear a crop of today’s picture was used by Huffington Post in their story about songbirds suffering in a Canadian late-spring blizzard. Poor things.

  6. This is a beautiful poem. When I’m out walking with a friend we often see them and hear their beautiful song. It is so true.

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