We Shared A Look

and now I know
the words
to your song

The Pond Opened For Song

opening ceremony
the joyful croaking chorus
of peepers peeping

The Song Of Silence

deep in the woods
on the frozen vernal pond
the music played on

Blue Columbine

your color
is the baritone
of the garden’s chorus

Dragonfly Wind Chime

the chime sings
the wind’s song
a mountain lullaby

The Leaves’ Lullaby

a song
made of silence
in the falling hush


leaves to unfurl
songs to sing
spring’s beginnings

Orchestra Of The Outside

the wind
autumn’s hymnn

Afternoon Music

song in the air
chorus of clouds
cumulus crescendo

Hearing Hallelujah

crowded so tight
they seem almost one
every dot a note in the visual song

Sunset Music

the sky sings
glory hallelujah
water sings the refrain

Field Song

grasses sing
a serenade
to shorter days


seduce me
with your song of spring
of love and life and hope you sing