Through The Darkness

the world awaited us
growing and blooming
summoning us back home

Thoughts On The Window

winter exhales
constructing dandelions
made of cold hope

Will You Find Your Way To Being A Butterfly

living inside
nourished with parsley
tended by humans

Into The Blue

a sky so wide
if I lift my arms
will I be able to fly?


into the misty unknown
carry your dreams
while seeking the sun

Bluebird So Soft

bright eyed
in a blue sky
hope personified

Three Birch By The Barn Door

these friends
experience, strength and hope
my life’s companions

Still Life’s Motion

what holds
the snowflake to the leaf
but hope and faithful buoyancy

Hope’s Devotion

even as
winter’s darkness gathers
color and light persist

Every Bloom A Manifestation Of Faith And Hope

she came indoors
with her mission to carry us
through our long winter days


finally seen
the exit
from darkness

Trinity In The Vetch

sturdy, cheerful, simplicity
such grows in wild abandon
self-seeding beauty


hidden inside
tiny delicate flowers
can’t help but bloom


in the gathering darkness
inexplicably arrives
the light of hope