40 Replies to “Now Voyager”

  1. That photo makes me wish to fly right between the trees and into the clouds 😉 What a beautiful time to be outside with your camera! Happy New Year to you! WG

  2. We rarely see lavender clouds here. How lucky you are. It’s a beautiful, enticing photo. Did you know that, in an older generation, being or feeling “in the pink” was an expression for feeling happy and healthy? That’s what I wish for you – a happy and healthy new year.

  3. Hey, this is absolutely amazing. It’s so good it seems unreal. I feel like getting into my computer screen in order to sit on the ground and just enjoy the beauty. Although I can’t do that, looking at this picture is the closest I can get, so thank you for sharing it, I look forward to seeing more of your photography xx

  4. I love this picture, it has such depth that you’re really pulled into it. Reminds me of a scene described in the book Phantastes. I’m looking forward to following your thoughts in words and pictures this year.

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