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  1. I have never seen a real birch tree.
    Thanks to your blog and pictures I am looking at nature in a different way now. Even bark can be lovely and fascinating. We have many cedar trees in our yard. Not nice as they bring the cedar fever. But I am going out and feel the bark today. 🙂

    1. Dear Ladysighs, I’m so touched and buoyed that you are looking a nature in a different way. Once you start looking the beauty and mystery is so endless, there is always something to marvel at. It really is amazing. While cedar fever is no fun, cedars are very nice – go enjoy their bark. Birch bark when fresh is very soft and supple. Thanks for your comments. Seedbud

    1. Thanks for writing. It’s not you – it’s the technology. Sometimes, there is a like button at the top of the page on the wordpress toolbar on the left hand side. But not always. I don’t know why. Maybe wordpress knows…

  2. Love the way your words are so apt fro your delightful photos… I have seen many bits of birch bark coming off trees – thought of unfolding but not ‘unwrapped’. i enjoy your posts with delightful photos and short, sharp words.

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