Some Of Everything

the stillness
and the movement
the decomposing and the growing

Storing Knowledge

nature places
the wisdom of the woods
upon a mushroom shelf

A Marriage Of Maple And Birch

and yet


every year they meet
at the base of the tree
their love renewed each spring

Birch Bark Mushroom

a transition of
sustenance to self

One Of Two

each circle self distinct
bark barrier between
but time and proximity
merge two into one

Mystery Of Snow

cloaked in cold
insulated by the thing
from the thing

Three Birch By The Barn Door

these friends
experience, strength and hope
my life’s companions

The Old Birch Disrobed

takes her
seasons dress her

The Old Dame’s Rock Wall

huddled together
against the cold
warm in company

The Maple That Is Sunshine

like splashes
of the sun
fall’s fine finish

The Princess Tree

voluminous pink
in every shade and hue
adorned her