Shelter From The Blistering Sun

our beloved tree
a great green umbrella
offering shade and sanctuary

Glinting In The Winter Sun

fresh powder
piles up
everything a-sparkle

Still Green

in the morning sun
frost into dew


into the misty unknown
carry your dreams
while seeking the sun

Like Lovers Parting

monarch and flower
kissed by the sun
one final embrace
before the journey’s begun

At The Sunflower House

every size and kind
of sunflower
under the sun

Just After The Sun Rose

a fairy
flew by
trailing magic

They Appeared From Seemingly Nowhere

a cohort
of bloodroot
laughing in the sun

Power Of Intention

with the help of the sun
I focus my attention
on leafing and blooming

A Place In The Sun

and surrounded
by a warm embrace

Morning Sun

light bright enough
to rouse
all sleeping seeds